Wearable technology in CSR project

u-blox actively applies technology to society in creative and innovative ways. u-blox's Paul Gough ran a ten-day workshop at Shih Chien University, Taiwan, combining electronic devices and sportswear into wearable clothing.


The workshop was aimed at fashion design students showing that electronics is accessible and can open up a whole new set of creative possibilities for garments. For instance, the speed is sent to the sock over Bluetooth. The cyclists’' sock vibrates to indicate how quickly they need to pedal. Or using a phone to discover the position and sending it to leggings. The leggings give feedback on the position accuracy through vibration and sensors. And, for cyclist safety, using the phone and Bluetooth to control LED lights on knitted leg warmers. Or transferring data to a display. The top has the player's number in LED lights, he scores, and the LED lights make a dynamic pattern in celebration. And using movements to control lights as the dancer performs. The LED top changes color depending on the arm position, bringing a new dimension to the performance. As technology brings a new dimension to clothing. www.u-blox.com/community